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High Quality of work and the passion for the industry which is evident when you get your car serviced at Graham The Mechanics,with Open and Honest Communication at all time so we can come up with a plan and budget that suits you situation at the time. Graham the Mechanic has grown in the area by word of mouth over the past several years to where he is today, his clients have been able to book there services on times that suit them so interuptions to there mobile fleets are less inpacted than using there local Dealers.

Fast & reliable servicing.

Dealer Book Services

Dealer Recomended Service

Battery Check

Locks Lubricated

Service Book checked

Priority Service

Direct to Mechanic

Why choose

Graham the mechanic?

Not only does Graham The Mechanic do all mechanical work on cars they also do work on inboard Boat Engines, Rebuild Engines, Build Performance Engines and a lot more so call to see if we can help you…

No Surprises

Locks Checked


10 Point Check

Log Books Updated

“He was very direct and told me what had to be done with no hidden costs”

“I have a fleet of Thirteen vechiles in my fleet and time is money. We use Grahams Priority Service to get my vechials back on the road Quicker     “

“My Dad had just bought a new car(2nd hand) and blew a radiator hose which caused engine to seize . He really helped us out and dad is now in a car he can trust and so can I”

  • mechanic
  • Car servicing
  • ProformancE Rebuild
  • electronic Diagnoses
  • Carbon clean

Our Promise to You

We do not have any Hidden Fees.

We will call you if we find an issue while servicing your car.

We will do our 10 Point Safety Check every Service.

We will Run Computer Diagnostics on  your car. 


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Know that you Need a Service or just getting ready to go on Holidays, Contact us and we will get  our Mechanics to give you a call to work in a time that suits you.

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